How to play

How to play

  • Register an avatar. It can be your true identity on internet or a fake identity as long as it is a unique email address.
  • Log in and invite one to five team members who also have created own avatars.
  • Choose a name for this game and a selection of questions and press start.
  • If not sitting in the same room use Skype, Zoom, Teams, Phone conference or other platform for your communication. You can also use the chat function on the website to motivate your responses.

When you are invited click on the bell with a red dot on top of your screen to join the game.

The game starts when all have joined.


4 steps in the play:

1: In turn motivate and guess what answer you think the “focus person” makes.  You mark that response alternative and click “Answer”.

2: The “Focus person” motivates and marks his/her answer and click “Answer”.

3: When all have clicked “Answer”, the answer and the guesses are displayed.  Discuss and give feedback.

4: A new question to a new focus person turns up when all have clicked “Next question”

Don´t forget to motivate your guesses and your answers!

When all (20) questions in a play are answered an individual result is displayed on everyones screen..  “Winner´s” Open window, your own Open window and the Open window for the group are presented. (When there are only two players the results are displayed as percentage.) The game can be played within the team as well as between teams.

  • Note! The Open Windows Game  is not a psychological test!  It is a just fun play to develop communication and the team.  Log in to play!